Social Media Services

What we can do for you

Graphic Design and Thumbnails

Our Team of independent digital artists can help you with all of your digital art needs.

Censorship and Financial Freedom.

Our team is the first and currently the only one who has done any research into non-silicon valley platforms. We can help you leave big tech forever and become a star on these better platforms. We can create a done for you decentralized social media presence that makes you $1000 a month.

Video Editing

Our team of video editors can help you will all of your video editing needs. Clip generation, Reels/TikToks/Shorts/Visions, video essays, Vlogs, et cetera.

Social Media Marketing

Wat to do paid ads for social media? Let us handle all of the work for you.

Web Development

Our Team of WordPress developers can help you with your WordPress Website, help you transfer your WordPress website from one domain host to a more liberty oriented host, (Website Coding coming soon.)

Social Media Cloning

Facebook owns your precious photos. You should probably clone them to other social media before its too late.